Installations & Commissions


“I love the painting that Gina chose for my house. She sent it to me sight unseen..meaning I had not seen the painting nor had she seen the interior of my house. As you can see from the photo, it looks as though it was custom painted for the Buddha statue. Gina’s intuitive artistry is magical!”

-J Higashi

“Considering my neutral living space the huge painting next to our fireplace brings a focal point and life into the room”

-J Fok

Smoke on the Water - Gina Ehrens This deeply moody canvas by Gina Ehren really caught my attention, so much so that I had to have it in my home where I could enjoy it daily. A dark forest scene, it is both mysterious and innocent at the same time. The composition is calmly dynamic with both movement and stillness. The subject matter – the essence of early morning fog floating over a peaceful lake – is expressed with misty perfection. With deeply saturated colors, the artist’s brushstrokes are invisible, and enhance the tranquil scene. In the finishing touch, Gina selected a mitered edge dark walnut frame which beautifully complements the artwork. What a treasure to have this piece in my home.

– L. von Raesfeld

“We put the hummingbird in our bedroom, and my fiancee changed the color scheme of the entire room to make the room work with the art”

-C Williams

-C Maiden

“Her work brings the spirit of the outside, into my home.”

-T Cotsen

“Gina paints everything from realism to expressionism. I enjoy her garden paintings.”

-C.E. Swenson

“Love the space the mind can hold”
-T Zeigler

“I kept coming back to it, over and over. The power of color, stance and message speaks to me!
-B Foshee

-R Kelsch

“Absolutely beautiful”
-C Bautzer

“I felt so wonderful when my eyes saw it”
-T Zugar

“I love it!”
-M. Williams


The Essence Of You Painting

Your DNA highlights the interesting precious commodity that is unique to you BUT I can capture the precious commodity of your spirit on canvas.

Are you a playful person? Direct, Elegant, Sturdy, Expansive, Thoughtful, Humble, Sensual, Practical, Adventurous, Dependable, Cerebral, Spiritual?

We could meet in person or set up a zoom at Wine O’ Clock so I can listen to your words and experience the music of you. Then I will paint an original abstract expression of YOU.